You Have The Means And Want To Give Directly To The Arts But Don’t Know Where To Begin

I can help you.

If you would prefer to donate directly to the artist, rather than go through established charities; I can sift through applications on your behalf and select recipients for you.

I have a passion for giving, the arts and education.

I founded The Ha Grant two years ago to support final year, creative arts students.  I work in a creative arts university and am very aware of the concerns surrounding today’s arts funding.

I have always wanted to give directly since I was a teenager and to make an impact on artists’ lives.  I used to think that you had to have a vast amount of money to do this.  However, this is SO not the case and I had a turning point in November 2013 in my brain that suddenly said, “you can just do it and you can afford to do it”.

Thank you moment of epiphany.

Connecting you to the person that will receive your money will be an awesome feeling, and it’ll be interesting to see how that artist will develop in their career.

Finally, all of your gift money will go to the artist.  I just want to give my time to a cause that is close to my heart.

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