I went to a Muay Thai event last night, KO Blood and Glory 8, organised by KO Bloodline.

It was awesome. My first time at a live fighting event. What a great atmosphere.

And I’m here now, travelling to see a friend who is an artist, predominantly a painter. But who also works other jobs to financially support her passion.

I saw how Muay Thai is a passion for all the fighters, trainers and supporters that were there last night. They live and breathe it, most of whom do so, alongside so many other jobs.

My grant may only be for the creative arts, but the passion is the same in any arena. And I applaud that and admire it.

Time, effort, dedication.

So I hope that if you have this, or better yet, just feel it. You’re not alone in what you want to achieve and you can find inspiration from everywhere.

So apply for my grant in your final year of an academic course and know that it’ll be awright after you graduate.